Michael Ray – 2020 Antelope County Fair Entertainment

Friday, July 31

See his bio on the Fair/Entertainment page

Tickets are available! Contact an Ag Society member at this time to purchase your tickets and ticket books!


New for fair 2020!

Due to the excessive use of wood chips in recent years, the Ag Society will no longer be providing wood chips for exhibitors. The Ag Society will bed the the pens at the beginning of fair and it will be the exhibitors responsibility to provide their own wood chips and bed them after that. Exhibitors may only use wood chips, no hay, straw, or other types of bedding. Any questions, please contact an Ag Society member or the extension office.

Pioneer/Heritage Farm Family Award

Families that would like to be considered for this award need to fill out the forms below and have them submitted to the Antelope County Ag Society at  P.O. Box 127, Neligh, NE 68756 by April 20, 2020. The award is given out Saturday, August 1st during the barbecue at Riverside Park. For more information, contact Ed Pellatz at 402-929-3046.

*This is the correct form even though the dates may not be correct*

Nebr HERITAGE Farm Award Application

Nebr PIONEER Farm Award Application 2018


Fair Dates

July 28 – August 2

Thursday, July 30- Bull Riding 7:30 pm

Friday, July 31- Michael Ray

Saturday, August 1- Demo Derby 7 pm

Sunday, August 2- Tractor Pull 5 pm

Beer Garden will be open Thursday – Sunday at 6 pm

For 4-H information contact Tessa at the Antelope County Extension Office.

The Ag Society has been notified that due to the schools being closed the last few months of the school year, there will be NO school art display this year.